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Gold Peptide Soap helps to rejuvenate aging skin

Madame Louise’s Age Rejuvenation Soap is the secret of youth, containing special ingredients that have unique properties which help the skin look younger. Having the ability to turn back time in your hands.

Pain Point:
Wrinkles, fine lines, reduced elasticity, reduced moisture, age spots, sunspots, uneven skin tone, overall dullness of skin and visible pores.

1.Nano Gold : Nano-Gold particle size of 0.00001mm penetrates deep into the skin to energize and nourish the skin and slow down the visible signs of aging. Skin is repaired and regenerated. Matrixyl 3000 trademarked peptide developed in France works to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance through collagen production.

2.Manuka Honey: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Manuka honey acts to balance the skin’s pH levels and cleans dead cells, fades scars, and promotes wound healing. Manuka Honey keeps the skin soft, hydrated and supple for a youthful complexion.

3.Jasmine Extract: Considered as royalty of Thai flowers, it his high in anti-oxidants which regenerates skin cells, relaxing and healing the skin. It hydrates for softer skin and increases
elasticity by reducing dryness. The skin will appear softer, hydrated and fine lines faded.

4.Thai – Jasmine Rice: Brightens, protects and smooths the skin. Jasmine rice has been used for hundreds of years in Thai beauty rituals due to its lightening, anti-wrinkle effects to improve skin firmness and smoothness.

5.Gingko Biloba Leaf extract: A botanical ingredient that is high in potent anti oxidants, protecting and soothing the skin.

6.Turmeric Extract: Antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory components that provides the glow and luster to skin. It brings out the skins natural glow by soothing, detoxifying, and exfoliating the skin. It also




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